Adventurous, non-fiction books for kids ages 9 t0 12 who love animals! These books have a reading level Lexile measure of 890.


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    -Author and Accidental Adventuress


K.B. Carr is an animal enthusiast, not an animal expert. They both start with the letter "e", but shouldn't be confused. One of them requires much larger student loans.
Her mother wanted to know why she asked so many questions all the time.  "Curiosity killed the cat", her mother would say. "But, satisfaction brought her back", K.B. would reply.
She is the mother of two children, Ryan and Kelsey, and she tries really hard to answer all their questions if she can.
K.B. lives in West Michigan with her dog Jack. Jack is a girl dog with a boy's name. K.B. says that Ryan, Kelsey, and Jack are - and always will be - her favorite Weird & Wacky Creatures.


Podcast Host

Dog Mom

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No animals were harmed in the making of this website.

Except for Jack. Well, only her feelings.

She's pretty jealous of the laptop.

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