Some of these animals you've heard of, but you may not know everything that makes them weird and wacky. Others, you may never have heard of, and you may have a hard time believing that they really exist! But, I assure you that they do, and I have the pictures to prove it...


You’ll also find that I have included the scientific name of the creature, along with any other names that it might be known by, as well as its classification. I’ve included the region of the world that it’s located in, what it eats, and regular facts about it, such as size and physical description. But, I’m sure that the part you’ll be the most interested in is the paragraph about why they are in this book in the first place, which is the thing that makes them-





Weird & Wacky Creatures

Weird & Wacky Endangered Creatures

All the amimals in this book are Endangered Creatures, but it doesn't mean they aren't Weird & Wacky!

You'll find all the same facts you need to write a report on these critters, as well as the Weird & Wacky part you've come to expect from this series. There is an added paragraph about why each of these animals are endangered, as well as what conservation efforts may or may not be in place for them. Who knows? Maybe YOU will be part of the conservation efforts, someday!

New in this book are the Field Activity sections, with different activities for each animal. You can help a University by counting birds, or make your own fossils, or an Ocean in a Jar. That's my favorite one! 


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Weird & Wacky Endangered Creatures 2

Have you ever seen an animal wearing pink armor and a white tutu? How about an underwater cutie with pink hair and blue fingernail polish? Or a deer with a gas mask? Do you think they don’t exist? They do, and I have the pictures to prove it!
In this third book of Weird & Wacky Creatures, you will meet these animals and others just as strange. All of these animals are on the Endangered Species list. Each chapter includes a special section about why they are endangered and what’s being done about it. There are crazy pictures and fun activities you can do at home. There is also a Glossary of Terms, so you can learn big, scientific words to stun and amaze your family and friends. Who doesn’t love doing that, right?
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Weird & Wacky Creatures 2

Ever heard of a Flying Monkey? What about tree-climbing Dogs who wash their food before they eat it? Or, super-tiny Elephants or naked Rodents who snack on the unthinkable? Sounds impossible, but, I wouldn’t tell you it was true without having pictures to back it up!
You’ll be introduced to these animals and more in this new book of Weird & Wacky Creatures 2. There are fun activities you can do at home, and of course, the glossary of huge, scientific words you can use to stupefy your parents at the dinner table. Yes, that’s my favorite part, and when you see the look on their faces, it will become yours, too...
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