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K.B.'s Favorite Weird & Wacky Creatures

K.B. Carr


Bambi with fangs? Underwater cuties with pink hair? Naked rodents?


This is a fun book with 8 of my favorite animals from the Weird & Wacky Planet non-fiction nature series books 1 through 4 for kids 8 to 12.


There are fun activities, projects you can do at home, observations you can make in your own neighborhood, and some super-big words you can use to stun and amaze your family and friends.


You'll meet me (K.B.-that's me!), Tito the Treefrog, and Dr. Chuck Darwin-Chimpanzee from the "Nature Just Got Real!" podcast for kids, as we give you an in-depth look at some of my favs. Well, so far, anyway!


If you enjoy reading about these animals, check out the other 24 animals from books 1 through 4. The ebooks are free on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited, and the paperbacks are on Amazon, or from with special autographed copies and bonus gifts.


Don't forget to listen to the "Nature Just Got Real!" podcast for kids wherever you listen to your podcasts, or check out the vodcast on YouTube.


Come with me on an exciting nature adventure in YOUR neighborhood!