Get a FREE Thank You Gift for leaving a review!


Independent authors like me and Jack depend on our readers to show other kids that we write awesome books! After all, YOU would want to know if a book is worth reading, right? 

A great way to do that is to leave a review on the site where you bought the book. Usually, you can rate the book from 1 to 5 stars. 1 star means you didn't like the book very much, and 5 stars means you think it's a super great book, and other kids should read it, too. And, it's nice if you write a little something about why you gave the book the rating that you did, because other kids will probably find that helpful.


To thank you for leaving us a review, Jack and I would like to send you a gift. It's just a little something we think you'll like :)


Here's how to get yours:

1. Buy or download the book and read it.

2. Post a review on the site you bought the book from when you're done reading it. If it's Amazon, go HERE and scroll down until you get to the "write a customer review" button. 

3. When the review shows up on the site, take a screen shot of it with your computer or smart device.

4. Email the screenshot to me at, along with your name and the mailing address you want your gift delivered to. 

5. Jack and I will mail you your thank you gift!