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Clouds-Wuz up in your sky?

Welcome to the first episode of the Sunsational Summer Series of Minicasts for kids!

Every Monday until the end of August, we'll release a new episode with a playsheet and activity you can do that relates to the subject of the minicast.

This week's episode is all about clouds-what are they, how they form, and the different types of clouds.

Don't forget the PDF download with a photo checklist and a couple of cloud-related activities you can do at home. You can grab that here:

Download PDF • 701KB

If you want to purchase the 10-page activity PDF, the 3-day lesson plan, or the bundle with both, you can find it HERE.

The Field Journal Blog about What Your Kids Can Learn From Clouds can be found HERE.

There are a few freebies in there, too:)

Let's enjoy the Summer and do some fun projects together!






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