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Coral-Plant or Animal?

In this episode all about Coral, that question gets answered and the answer wasn't what I thought it was! I also talk to Marine Biologist Dr. Sharon Wismer about coral reefs and why they are important, what challenges they face, and what we can do about it even if we don't live near the ocean. I don't, do you? Captain Jack tells us the difference between rocks, plants, and animals, Dr. Chuck Darwin gives us the definition of the big, scientific word for this episode and how to pronounce it (and I was saying it wrong, aargg!), and Tito tells us about a fish that's a Superhero around the reef. You might not believe what one of those superpowers is... I also included a free PDF you can download below.

Download PDF • 1.41MB

It has photos of several species of coral, a recommended reading list, and some coral-related project kits that looked like a lot of fun! If you want to learn more about the Superhero of the Reef, it's one of the animals in the Weird & Wacky Endangered Animals book and you can check it out HERE.

It was on sale at the time this podcast was released. Website:





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