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How to Tell Directions Without a Compass!

Hello Planeteers!

This week's episode is hosted by K.B. herself, and she tells us all about How to tell directions without a Compass!

Did you know if you are outside and get lost, you can observe some patterns in nature and be able to tell which way is North and which way is South?

And, this episode comes with a free PDF you can download that shows you how to make your own compass at home with just a few household items! You can find it below:

Download PDF • 871KB

If you want to watch the episode on video, you can do that HERE. If you want 10 ways to get your kids outside and off their screens with very little effort on your part, get the free report at

If you want to read the Field Journal Blog, you can do that HERE.

Until next week, have a handy survival skill adventure in YOUR neighborhood!

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