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Today, I am an Author!

Today, I finally published my first book!

It's been a 2 year long process to get to this point. Lots of fun, but lots of frustration, too. Lots of learning of techo stuff I thought I could never do. And a few mistakes, as well! I pushed the publish button and waited for the book to go live, feeling very excited. Imagine my dismay when I saw that I'd made the mistake of leaving off my name! Only Kelsey's name showed up as the illustrator, but I forgot about myself, lol! I had to go back in and fix it, asap. Phew!

So....The Weird & Wacky Planet series has gotten a bit of a bumpy start, but, at long last, it has started!

And, me? Well, today I became an Author. A published author.

Let the adventure begin...

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