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Make a Bird Home Depot!

Today, on the Nature Just Got Real podcast, we build a Home Improvement Center for Birds! Have you ever thought you'd like to do more for birds than just fill up the bird feeder? Today, we are making a Bird Home Improvement Center. It's a little like a store where birds can come and get some building materials to assist with their nest building. I call it the Bird Home Depot. Or, maybe I should call it the Bird Nest Depot. Build one for your back yard and hang it where you can watch your customers come in and help themselves to home improvement essentials! Also, in this episode, Chuck Darwin gives us the definition of the word AVES, Jack tells us what REALLY goes into Bird Nest Soup (hint: I will not ever be ordering this), and Tito introduces us to a bird with a discriminating eye for decor. I could use that bird's services if he ever decides to go into business! You can watch the podcast on YouTube HERE. Or you can listen to it on Apple Podcasts HERE, or just search for Nature Just Got Real wherever you listen to your podcasts. Go have a Bird Home Depot building adventure in YOUR neighborhood! Collecting toilet paper rolls for future projects, K.B Carr & Crew

P.S. What?? It's not hoarding if ya use 'em, right?

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